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Today, studying the written CCIE R&S exam I have just found out the EIGRP Over The Top feature and I would like to share with you briefly. Overview: Let you avoid redistribution You need IOS-XE OS Control plane will be … Seguir leyendo

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I want to share some brief notes about two protocols used for setting up the LSP in MPLS: LDP and RSVP protocols. LDP LDP is the youngest one. Was created explicitly to distribute labels and it’s not an extension or … Seguir leyendo

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BGP Advanced

BGP-PIC Protocol Independent Convergence (PIC) let us just like EIGRP install a Feassible Successor route into RIB and FIB tables. In this way, the network converge will be speed up. This feature is availble after 15 IOS version.   BGP-BACKDOOR … Seguir leyendo

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Road to CCIE

Hello networking nerds! After to think accurately concerning my road map I have decided to prepare the CCIE R&S. I think that will be good way to acquire more knowledge and extend my current netoworking concepts. From now on, I … Seguir leyendo

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Hoy os queremos presentar uno de los roles más importantes en el estándar VXLAN y son los VTEPs. Los gateways que actúan como VTEP son conocidos en una Fabric como Leaf y además son los encargados de realizar una encapsulación/desencapsulación … Seguir leyendo

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

As you can inspect the AWS platform is growing so fast and the best way to dominate most of services on AWS is to prepare some official certification. Nevertheless, you need also to practising a lot of with the AWS … Seguir leyendo

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A continuación introduciremos una de las secciones más importantes del examen AWS-CSAA que es VPC. Es de suma importacia controlar esta sección porque si no no podrás avanzar en el curso de la certificación de AWS Architect Associate. Figura2. VPC VPC … Seguir leyendo

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